Dear All,
As You know, the recent nation-sponsored attacks used a bunch of libraries. However, nobody investigated yet the license terms. Here is a short list, based on the feedbacks we might update this article


modified LZO for .zdata: LZO and the LZO algorithms and implementations are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) .


putty -MIT license
libbz2 – BSD-style license
zlib – very permissive license
SQLite – public domain
Lua – MIT license

As we are after a long-long day of serious problems, let’s go for some nice and easy point.

So our questions is: Please, Dear Authors of Duqu (whoever they are), hand over the source code of Duqu (or Beacon/NYT), as it contains GPL code.

The source code can be sent to
Discussion on the topic is highly welcome.

Thank you for your attention.

Disclaimer: This post is for fun, don’t take it too seriously, but the questions are still valid. This post is a personal post of one of the Lab members and does not reflect the view of any organization.


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